Lyle the Crocodile, adapted by Kevin Kling
Imagination Stage, 2013

Expanding foam was sprayed on wax paper and sprinkled pony beads mid-cure. They were shaped with a sureform and painted with acrylics.


La Boheme, by Giacomo Puccini
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2016
Scene Design by: Kevin Depinet

A quick afternoon project: there were already several batting-stuffed muslin sausage links already in stock. I coated them in tissue paper to create a crackle-y skin. They were then painted and coated with FEV.



Wilde Tales, by Ben Moore & Kelley Rourke
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2016
Scene Design by: Ryan McGettigan

These sausages were made from sections of a thick cardboard tube. One end was stuffed with blue foam, and the other a wad of newspaper. The whole thing was covered in masking tape, applied unevenly to create the wrinkly skin.  The foam was coated with epoxy for rigidity, and after being painted with acrylics it was finished with FEV.



Burgers & Fries

Advanced Hand Props
Ohio University, 2015

The Buns – Expanding foam was blown into plastic containers, and after cure carved into their basic shape. After 2 light coats of latex, they were painted with acrylics. Sculpt or Coat was used as sealer, and crushed seed beads were sprinkled on top as it dried for poppy seeds.

The Patties – Expanding foam was also used for the patties, but many thick layers of latex were applied to create the proper surface area. The patties were sealed with semi-gloss polyurethane to give them an extra shiny, greasy looking appearance.

The Fries – Rigid insulation foam were cut into strips and coated with Sculpt or Coat to give a painting surface. Each fry was kneaded to take down the square edges. They were sealed with a spray poly after a 4-step paint treatment.

The Cheese – A very thick mixture of Sculpt or Coat and acrylic paint was spread onto wax paper and allowed to dry. Before it was fully cured it was gently laid on the patty.

The Veggies – Tomatoes: 2 layers of 1/8” microcell foam, painted, and sealed with Sculpt or Coat. Lettuce: strips of polystyrene plastic heated and crinkled. Spray painted, and sealed with polyurethane. Onions: 1/8” microcell foam.

Roast Beef

La Boheme, by Giacomo Puccini
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2016
Scene Design by: Kevin Depinet


A quick afternoon project: a block of rigid insulation foam, shaped and coated with Flex Glue and sawdust. Once dry, it was painted and twine tied into the divots. It was finished off with a rich FEV to pop the depth of color, tone down the twine, and seal the paint. It was wrapped in brown paper for the stage and lived in a basket of other foods.

Candy Tray

La Boheme, by Giacomo Puccini
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2016
Scene Design by: Kevin Depinet

candy-tray-img_9765For Act 2, the Quartier Latin, dozens of people populate the stage including various street vendors selling wares. This candy tray was for one such vendor. The petit fours and the little donuts and cakes were pulled from other trays in stock. The tray itself, sugar cookies, lollipops and baggies of chocolates were the additions I made to the tray.

The sugar cookies were made from a collection of surplus vacuform pulls we had in stock, painted and and sprinkled with glitter.  They were back-filled with Apoxie Sculpt to make them more durable. The chocolates were made from buttons and some Apoxie Sculpt, painted, and sprinkled with a combination of glitters, sawdust, and plastic shavings. The baggies were made from circles of pink tulle. The round lollipops were created from some round styrofoam balls stuck onto on a skewer, painted and coated in 5 minute epoxy. The twirly lollipop was made from leftover Apoxie Sculpt twisted over another skewer. It was also coated in 5 minute epoxy after being painted. Most of the candy was adhered to the tray, but several remained loose to be given out to people on the streets.

Sardines (Molding & Casting)

Molding & Casting, with Joanna Koefoed
Ohio University, 2016


The fish bodies were carved quickly out of chunks of poplar and a piece of luan was epoxied into a notch cut into the poplar. Two of the fish were wrapped in a textured fabric that simulated scales. The fabric was brushed with glue as a sealer against the plaster during the mold making process. The mold was made of Ultracal 30 gypsum cement.

The fish were cast in Smooth-on Dragonskin FX Pro thinned with lighter fluid to ensure that the pour spout did not get clogged with material. Due to the thinning of the material, the set time took a bit longer than the advertised set time of 40 minutes.

The first pour into the mold was treated with Silver Bullet Cast Magic Powder. The second pour into the mold was tinted with Pearly Blue and Silver Bullet Cast Magic Powders in varying quantities. The cured fish were painted with very thinned product tinted with Smooth-on Psycho Paints.


Pizza Slice

Lyle the Crocodile, adapted by Kevin Kling
Imagination Stage, 2013


For this pizza, Great Stuff expanding foam was blown onto wax paper. The shape was then sureformed into a smoother shape. The desired corner was cut into a slice. The crust was painted front and back. Bubble wrap was used to emulate the cheese bubbles. Sculpt or Coat tinted yellow was poured over the bubble wrap. After it dried layers of orange and red paint was sponged on top.


Lulu and the Brontosaurus, by Judith Viorst
Imagination Stage, 2013


These brownies were carved out of polystyrene foam and iced with joint compound. They were painted in three tones of brown and sealed with polyurethane. The chopped walnuts were created using crumpled cork.