Sardines (Molding & Casting)

Molding & Casting, with Joanna Koefoed
Ohio University, 2016


The fish bodies were carved quickly out of chunks of poplar and a piece of luan was epoxied into a notch cut into the poplar. Two of the fish were wrapped in a textured fabric that simulated scales. The fabric was brushed with glue as a sealer against the plaster during the mold making process. The mold was made of Ultracal 30 gypsum cement.

The fish were cast in Smooth-on Dragonskin FX Pro thinned with lighter fluid to ensure that the pour spout did not get clogged with material. Due to the thinning of the material, the set time took a bit longer than the advertised set time of 40 minutes.

The first pour into the mold was treated with Silver Bullet Cast Magic Powder. The second pour into the mold was tinted with Pearly Blue and Silver Bullet Cast Magic Powders in varying quantities. The cured fish were painted with very thinned product tinted with Smooth-on Psycho Paints.