Burgers & Fries

Advanced Hand Props
Ohio University, 2015

The Buns – Expanding foam was blown into plastic containers, and after cure carved into their basic shape. After 2 light coats of latex, they were painted with acrylics. Sculpt or Coat was used as sealer, and crushed seed beads were sprinkled on top as it dried for poppy seeds.

The Patties – Expanding foam was also used for the patties, but many thick layers of latex were applied to create the proper surface area. The patties were sealed with semi-gloss polyurethane to give them an extra shiny, greasy looking appearance.

The Fries – Rigid insulation foam were cut into strips and coated with Sculpt or Coat to give a painting surface. Each fry was kneaded to take down the square edges. They were sealed with a spray poly after a 4-step paint treatment.

The Cheese – A very thick mixture of Sculpt or Coat and acrylic paint was spread onto wax paper and allowed to dry. Before it was fully cured it was gently laid on the patty.

The Veggies – Tomatoes: 2 layers of 1/8” microcell foam, painted, and sealed with Sculpt or Coat. Lettuce: strips of polystyrene plastic heated and crinkled. Spray painted, and sealed with polyurethane. Onions: 1/8” microcell foam.