Magic Flute

The Magic Flute, by Mozart
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2015
Scene Design by: Troy Hourie

Designer Renderomg
Designer Rendering

For this production of The Magic Flute, the design team wanted Papagano to be able make the flute light up whenever he played it. I placed the button central to where the singer held his fingers in rehearsal, and the action worked seamlessly. This project was the first time I experimented with wiring, and the small venue in which it all had to live and still be accessible to Stage Ops was the big problem to solve. I began with a 1-1/2” clear acrylic tube. On one end I wedged a section of dowel with a bit of PVC glued inside to create the mouth piece. On the other side was dowel padded out with a bit of 3/4” plywood. Both pieces of closet pole were hollowed out just enough to suspend a smaller dowel that ran through the length of the tube.


24 LED lights were soldered in 6 runs of 4 in series, in parallel. The LEDs were secured to the dowel according to a numbered dot pattern. A hole had to be drilled through both sides of the the tube and dowel to accommodate the button. Cheese cloth was used to create the wood texture. After final details and a base paint job, Scenic added the shimmer treatment. The battery was accessible though the bottom of the flute.

magic-flute-img_6241 magic-flute-img_6126

The Quiver
A very soft sueded leather was provided for the quiver. It was very floppy and it was hard to get the flute in and out quickly, so a .065 ABS plastic spine was hand sewn to the quiver to add stiffness down the singer’s back, as well as hold the opening open for easier handling. magic-flute-img_6222