Candy Tray

La Boheme, by Giacomo Puccini
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2016
Scene Design by: Kevin Depinet

candy-tray-img_9765For Act 2, the Quartier Latin, dozens of people populate the stage including various street vendors selling wares. This candy tray was for one such vendor. The petit fours and the little donuts and cakes were pulled from other trays in stock. The tray itself, sugar cookies, lollipops and baggies of chocolates were the additions I made to the tray.

The sugar cookies were made from a collection of surplus vacuform pulls we had in stock, painted and and sprinkled with glitter.  They were back-filled with Apoxie Sculpt to make them more durable. The chocolates were made from buttons and some Apoxie Sculpt, painted, and sprinkled with a combination of glitters, sawdust, and plastic shavings. The baggies were made from circles of pink tulle. The round lollipops were created from some round styrofoam balls stuck onto on a skewer, painted and coated in 5 minute epoxy. The twirly lollipop was made from leftover Apoxie Sculpt twisted over another skewer. It was also coated in 5 minute epoxy after being painted. Most of the candy was adhered to the tray, but several remained loose to be given out to people on the streets.