Intimate Apparel, by Lynn Nottage
Ohio University, 2016


This project was a modification of an existing 1930’s quilt. Much of the original fabric was too thin and worn to trust, so to reinforce the structure, as well as to integrate the quilt into the world of the show, new patches pulled from costume show fabrics were sewn on top of the quilt.

A new back was required to accommodate the stress and wear of a trick pocket. The chosen fabric was too bright, so it was dyed down with Pearl Gray to fit into the environment.

The script specifically called for the crazy quilt to have a hidden pocket where the main character saved her money. The pocket had to be both cut open with scissors for a few bills to be pulled out, and then only a couple of scenes later, ripped open to reveal a large sum of money.

Two pockets were inserted on either side of the seam of the quilt back. The pocket was re-stitched each night.