Sardines (Foam Carve)

Noises Off!, by Michael Frayn
Ohio University, 2015


We hoped to cast the fish for this production, but time did not allow for this to happen, so we went to plan B which was a foam carve. Please visit Sardines (Molding & Casting) to see how this classroom experiment worked!

For the production, the fish were sculpted in upholstery foam that was adhered to a microcell foam inner core and painted with acrylics. Each fish was then coated in DragonSkin 10 treated with Pearly Blue and Silver Bullet Cast Magic Powders. Overall around 60 fish were manufactured.

Noises Off! has numerous gags and called for five plates of sardines to function in different ways: 1 plate had fish completely loose and free from the plate, 1 plate had fish loose from the plate but connected to each other, and 3 plates had fish fully adhered to plate and each other.