Upholstered Chaise Lounge

Macbeth, by Verdi
The Glimmerglass Festival, 2015
Scene Design by: James Schuette


The oak frame was purchased from a replica antique furniture vendor. Additional framing was added to support a 1/2” ply seat. Sign board was used to pattern out the inside and outside backs. The chaise was temporarily upholstered with muslin so it could go into rehearsal, and in the mean time I worked on the cushion. The frame was painstakingly hand-painted white with gold trim accents. Due to the demands of the rehearsal process, much of the painting was done in numerous short sessions concurrently with the upholstery process. The fabric for the inside and outside backs was draped directly on the frame in three panels and hand sewn place with a fell stitch. A fellow artisan added a front band to the frame. I made enough piping  for the top and bottom of the cushion, however no fabric was cut for the bottom of the cushion. Instead, the shell of the cushion was stapled onto a plate of lauan. This choice was made so that we could work on the cushion while the temporarily upholstered chaise could stay in rehearsal.