Liquor Cabinet

Noises Off!, by Michael Frayn
Scenic Design by Glenn Pepe
Ohio University, 2015


The body of the cabinet was constructed with 1/2” lauan ply and faced with a poplar frame.

Although the box construction of this piece was straightforward, the plywood that was cut for the shelves was severely warped due to rapid humidity fluctuations. The worst shelf had a 1” bow from end to center. To help correct this, I chose to back it with 1/2” ply instead of 1/4″ lauan. With the aid of spacers, clamps, and a lot of glue, the margin of error was brought within 1/8”. Additional poplar moulding and 3/4” dentals finished the details.  The unit was painted by the scenic crew.

The doors were constructed with planed poplar and doweled joints. Strips of 1/2” x 1/2” poplar were half-lapped at an angle and pinned in place with brads.