Varaform Mask

Prototype Mr. Fox Mask: Peter Rabbit™ Tales
Production Design by David Russell
Enchantment Theatre Company, 2015

fox-mask-img_4734-lrThis was a mock-up mask made during a Props & Crafts Techniques taught by Holly Cole for a professional production of a children’s show in Philadelphia.

The process began by taking a stock plaster face cast, and sculpting the fox face out of plasticine. The finished sculpt was then covered with saran wrap, and layered with scotch tape. Pattern lines were drawn in sharpie on the scotch tape and then cut out. These pieces were then used to create the pattern pieces for the Varaform mesh. Seam allowance was added in so the mesh had areas of overlap to create rigidity to the structure.

The sculpt was wrapped in aluminum foil, and the Varaform pattern pieces were draped over it after being softened in a hot water bath. The outer edge of the mask and the eye holes were doubled over to ensure a soft edge.

A wire was wrapped around the mask’s edge for strength. The ears were formed out of Wonderflex draped over a plasticine sculpt of the desired ear shape. The mask was then painted black on the inside, and orange and white on the outside. Fabric, fur, and feather trimmings were applied with hot glue.

Moleskin was placed inside for comfort and a head strap attached to secure the mask to the actor’s head.