14″ Steel Buckler

Advanced Steel Techniques, with Tom Fiocchi 
Ohio University, 2014


buckler-finished-lrThe buckler was cut out of 18g. sheet steel. It went through an initial dishing process, which involved hammering the steel into a shaped wooden stump, and a secondary dishing to create the larger central circle. A 2″ hole was cut out of the buckler and a separate 2” circle was dished and welded to the buckler from the front. All welds were cleaned up.

The whole thing was then planished, polished, and buffed. A pattern was drawn out in Sharpie, and dremeled in with a carbide bit.

The handle was made from a 1” strip of 18” steel cut to shape and bent in a vice. A 1” dowel was split in half and screwed to the metal strap. Brown vinyl was then barged around the dowel. The ends were wire wrapped before the handle was welded to the back of the buckler.