bobrauschenbergamerica, by Charles Mee
Ohio University, 2014

Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram

*This show required a replica of artist Robert Rauschenberg’s sculpture, Monogram to be carried on and off stage by an actor and appear on stage for the duration of the show.
This was a collaborative project. I concentrated on the facial carve, horn sculpt, and the paint treatment. My partner constructed the tire, and we both participated in the body carve.*


We began by enlarging the profile of a goat to life size proportions, and then assembled a 1/2” plywood structure. Several layers of rigid insulation foam were applied and carved with accurate musculature. Expanding foam was used to fill gaps and microcell foam was used to build up the facial features.

The form was paper mâchéd for rigidity and protection.  After the goat was painted, lengths of yarn were hot glued in bundles and distressed with a watered down paint/glue wash. This step protected the yarn from coming off on the actor’s costume, and provided a more natural looking fur. Hot glue was applied to the face and then painted. This choice allowed the paint to look thick without the dry time. The tire was made with 1/2” plywood and a foam applique.

The horns were constructed by gluing seven layers of bendy ply to a form with one curve, and then cut on the band saw with another curve. They were then sculpted with an angle grinder, carved with a dremel, painted, and coated with amber shellac.